Sessions / Teachers Helping Teachers

Who we are, what we do, & how to get involved #1242

Sat, May 15, 13:00-14:30 JST | Zoom 2

This forum will bring together Teaching Helping Teachers (THT) members, country coordinators and other interested parties. Invited speakers from some of the THT programs will talk about their experiences with THT, recent workshops/programs and plans going forward. Due to COVID-19 the various THT 2020 programs were canceled or moved online, and we would also like to share lessons learned and future direction for our SIG.

Managing Assessment Data in Windows Excel & Google Sheets #1299

Sat, May 15, 14:30-14:55 JST | Zoom 2

Digital literacy is an ever evolving and increasingly necessary aspect of education. The recent transition to synchronous, asynchronous, and even hybrid classes in the COVID-19 era has led to a reliance on a multitude of online services (Xreading, MReader, Flipgrid, Edmodo) and web-based learning platforms (Google Classroom, MS Teams, WebClass, Blackboard, Moodle) – all with their own unique User Interface (UI) – increasing the difficulty of learning to navigate the services and manage assessment data. Additionally, free online gradebooks are not always reliable. Notably, Engrade, once free and popular, now requires complex registration and pricing options, and Learnboost, a once reliable Engrade alternative, has been dropped altogether. Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are both deep calculation tools, but the basics can be easily learned and applied to assessment data management. This paper seeks to demonstrate the basic workflow of Excel and Sheets by reviewing three simple formulas (adding, multiplying, and dividing), simple organization options (spacing and color), and finally how to create a usable template and mock gradebook with weighted categories. Participants will thus be further prepared to effectively approach Excel and Sheets to practically manage assessment data.

Teachers Helping Teachers Kyrgyzstan Seminar #1290

Sat, May 15, 16:00-16:45 JST | Zoom 11

Teachers Helping Teachers (THT) works to help fellow educators and students in and around Asia. To accomplish this, THT provides teacher-training workshops that exhibit practical and teacher-friendly approaches to language education that are informed by current research in the field. This poster describes the activities of THT in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia, where THT offers a series of workshops every September that are tailored to the needs of instructors in the Kyrgyz context. Topics addressed by the presenter include the state of teaching in Kyrgyzstan, our partnership with the English Teachers’ Association (FORUM), our university host institutions throughout the country, suggestions for prospective participants, and what to expect from taking part. The presenter hopes that the information in the poster will inspire more Japan-based language instructors and researchers to involve themselves in opportunities to develop their careers through working with other educators in Asia.

Fostering Engagement with Team-Based Learning in Larger Japanese University Classrooms #1248

Sun, May 16, 14:30-15:15 JST | Zoom 2

This presentation introduces an action research project conducted during the 2020 Fall semester that was aimed at exploring the benefits and challenges to implementing a team-based learning (the other TBL) approach in larger online and face-to-face English classes at university in Japan. The participants in this study were a group of fifty-six students enrolled in an elective culture-focused Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) course taught by the presenter. This interactive talk starts with some contextual background, and goes on to outline the mixed-methods research design before offering an overview of how the semester unfolded. Findings and discussion are then provided to highlight key issues related to using TBL in this context. Due to COVID-19, four out of the fifteen class meetings were conducted synchronously on Zoom, and those adjustments and lessons learned are also presented. It is hoped that this research might further inspire language teachers in a range of contexts to experiment with team-based learning and other active learning approaches in their language classes.