* Welcome to the PanSIG 2021. Just a quick reminder that all presenters and participants need to join the event space and get a ticket in eventzil.la.  That is the first step in making sure we have a great conference.

Welcome to PanSIG 2021 happening Friday May 14th, Saturday May 15th, and Sunday May 16, 2021
20th PanSIG 2021 Conference on Local and Global Perspectives: Plurilingualism and Multilingualism.

is an annual conference usually held in May, and organized by many of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT). The conference brings together leading scholars and practitioners in language education from Japan, Asia, and throughout the world. It is meant to be a smaller, more intimate conference than the annual international JALT conference (which is held each fall), and is a place where SIG members can network with each other.

This year’s PanSIG conference is a date to celebrate: You are kindly invited to take part in the 20th Japan Association for Language Teaching's annual PanSIG Conference, a conference of JALT's Special Interest Groups (SIGs), yes, indeed, the 20th Annual PanSIG Conference!

The first PanSIG conference started in May 2002 at the Kyoto Institute of Technology with the conference theme was "Curriculum Innovation, Testing and Evaluation."  (https://pansig.org/archive#2004). And year after year PanSIG conference did grow from a mini-conference to a well-established conference in May. The challenges in 2020 shifted the PanSIG conference to an Online-conference.

And now in 2021 still some challenges loom, it will be held hybrid or online in mid-May, the weekend of May 15th and 16th. If possible, the conference site is Nihon University, College of International Relations, in Mishima, Shizuoka, a perfect place for a conference.  The theme for 2021 PanSIG Conference is: "Local and Global Perspectives: Plurilingualism and Multilingualism." Foreign language learning goes beyond the first language opens up with the second and third language and more to other cultures. Reflecting on the importance of developing a plurilingual repertoire How does language learning connect the inside and the outside of the learner, the classroom, the society? The theme connects well with JALT SIGs and PanSIG is a place where we can strengthen our professionalism, thinking about how to help students enhance their learning and share, discuss and engage in research and practice in meaningful ways.

PanSIG is bringing together people who have different backgrounds and expertise, and the openness of an ongoing dialogue. Please come and engage, share and enjoy!

Maria Gabriela Schmidt
PanSIG 2021 Conference Chair

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