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Abax is an award-winning and independent publisher of ELT materials with its main office in Kawasaki, Japan. Abax texts are in use in universities, colleges, high schools and private language schools around the world. For teachers by teachers.

mangoSTEEMS supplies the latest education technology products for S.T.E.E.M.S education. For JALT members we have some fantastic products for teaching Essay Writing, Literacy and Communicative English. We also have some great products for teachers who are interested in teaching Technology in English medium, for example making an Online Poster or Webpage.

Gold Sponsor is a bookseller and wholesaler serving the ELT community in Japan. We were founded by and are run by teachers. Our motto is “Together in Education”. We consider our customers as partners in the ELT community combining education and commerce.

WordEngine helps learners at all levels develop fast and accurate recognition for all of the most frequently occurring English words. WordEngine is easy to assign, easy to use, and easy to grade.