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Since our start in 1994, ABAX has striven to make materials based on research that don't duplicate what is already in the market. We are not "me too" publishers. We felt then and still feel, that the special needs of Asian learners are not being properly met, and that more suitable materials are still needed, that adapting European approaches to Asian markets is not always the answer - teaching materials need to be developed from the bottom up, for each context.

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Teaching Experiences and Covid-19: A “Zoomed Out” Retrospective (in Progress): An ABAX POV #1612

Sat, May 15, 11:30-12:00 JST

All the upheavals brought about by the ongoing pandemic resulted in huge changes for teachers, students, schools, administrators and all the logistics businesses that support the “classroom product”. This (hopefully) interactive discussion will look at many of the measures taken by various stakeholders to minimize negative effects and support teachers trying to provide students with the best educational experiences possible. Discussed will be a “zoomed out” look at some of the actions taken, a look at how digital technologies have evolved, and even a look “outside” the field at some of the logistical aspects, and how these continuing issues are impacting the class. Lastly, and a look to the future. Participants should come out of this discussion with perhaps a broader understanding of all the machinations that take place behind the scenes that influence what happens in the classroom.