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Sale Items was founded by and is run by teachers and our motto is “Together in Education”.

We consider our customers as partners in the ELT community combining education and commerce.

Not only can we get you any book, but also supports small and independent publishers by promoting and distributing their works, which are often specifically developed for students in Japan.

There are two ways we serve ELT teachers in Japan.

1. As a one-stop-shop for sourcing all ELT materials, we serve direct customers providing ELT materials directly to a school or teacher who holds an account with us.

2. We exclusively import and distribute many small and medium-sized and/or independent and niche, publisher’s ELT materials nationwide in Japan. You can order these books from any supplier and we can help with product information and inspection copies.

Whilst textbooks can be sourced in many ways, offers a service level to educators that saves your time and resources. We deliver materials when you need them and how you need them with the paperwork your school requires.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and find out how we can make your materials selection and logistics smoother.

You can drop in to our Zoom room today, or send us a message and we will call you back when convenient for you (

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Xreading: What’s New and What’s Next #1518

Sun, May 16, 14:30-14:55 JST

Xreading, is a digital library that provides students with unlimited access to over thousand graded readers, and allows teachers to track their students' reading progress. The system is constantly evolving and growing in terms of the number of books and features. In this presentation, the founder of Xreading will explain the new functionality that has been added over the past year, and what is planned for the future. Current users of the system are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions based on their experience.

This year staff have learned quickly the pitfalls of digital-class materials selection and are in a unique position to be able to help teachers with publisher-neutral assessments and advice about digital ELT materials.