Yoko Takano


Active learner,speaker and global trotter.


Fun-Writing-Projects Make EFL-Students Active in Class

This presentation provides attendees hands-on activities for 7-9 grade students in EFL classroom not only for in-person classes, but also for online-classes. Regarding writing, input-activities are indispensable for students to output their opinions, choices, and ideas. Therefore, they should be suitable and practical for students. To make both input and output activities for writing, what do teachers need? Presented in the session are samples of writing activities include stepped-writing, mini-debate, publication platforms on Padlet, and classroom journals to show how and why these are important for EFL students. In addition, audiences can explore the process of making the writing activities to tailored to the learners’ contexts to boost their communicative skills both in-person and online lessons. At the end of this presentation, the speaker will show the writing essays and works done by students aged 13 to 15 in the small private language classes to implicate how the writing process worked through these writing projects. Furthermore, results for the formative assessment and performance tests will be shown to examine the effects of this writing project.