Emmanuel Feliciano

Kyushu Bunka Gakuen Elementary and Junior High School

I am an ELT (English Language Teacher) at Kyushu Bunka Gakuen Elementary and Junior High School in Nagasaki, Japan. I am also a licensed English teacher and Theater Arts instructor in the Philippines, where I taught for thirteen years before moving to Japan.


Kon’nichiwa and Aloha: An Asynchronous Virtual Exchange Program

Information Communication Technology (ICT) and ICT-based learning methods can support students to take charge of their own learning. The most significant benefit of asynchronous learning is its flexibility, allowing students to complete tasks at their own pace, with room to refine their work without immediate pressure. A common criticism of asynchronous methods are the purported lack of ‘communication’ that is particularly important in language learning. Haythornthwaite (in Hrastinski, 2008) states that three types of communicative exchanges are important in sustaining e-learning communities: content-related exchange, planning of tasks, and social support. In particular, social support, which involves companionship, emotional help, and the chance to talk about things beyond classwork, can sometimes be lacking in asynchronous lessons. This presentation describes an asynchronous virtual exchange project between young learners in Japan and Hawaii that addresses content and tasks, as well as the social aspect of ICT-based learning.This presentation will tackle the process, challenges and reflections of the teachers and students involved.