Taron Plaza

Komazawa Women's University

Taron Plaza is an associate professor in the Department of English Communication at Komazawa Women's University. His research interests include transformative learning, task-based learning and intercultural communication.


Lifelong Learning Hacks

The many developments in connectivity and access to information, combined with recent restrictions to face-to-face interaction and socialization, have created both challenges and opportunities for educators. As teachers, how do we continuously adapt and improve ourselves? How do we keep current on latest innovations, experiment with new methods or get inspired by new ideas? How do we find the time and energy to engage in activities or process information to enrich our lives and make us more well-rounded individuals? Personal and professional development is a key element of lifelong learning. This forum will highlight the self-improvement strategies of seven professionals. Presenters will share and describe the habits, routines, resources, practices and general hacks they use to gain knowledge, experience, and expertise in a variety of fields, professions, hobbies and interests.