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Improving writing via metacognitive speaking tasks #1352

Sun, May 16, 13:45-14:30 JST | Zoom 5
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Traditionally, comments from both peer reviews and teacher feedback significantly help students improve their L2 writing. Additionally, students could also improve by using appropriate self-assessments. Self-assessments provide opportunity for metacognition, or thinking about thinking, (Flavell, 1979) as they make deeper scrutiny of their thoughts in their own writing. However, during the coronavirus pandemic, it is challenging to administer self-assessments via remote learning as students' own evaluation of their writing may lack depth. A scaffolding technique that cultivates deeper learning is using video-recorded spoken assessments. Through video assessments, students can show their thinking, identify their own errors, and provide corrections. Teachers can use that evidence of learning to provide more practical feedback.

This presentation offers successful, classroom-tested ways to use asynchronous self-assessment through Seesaw, a free app where students can share their speaking tasks by using videos, photos, files and links. Practical classroom strategies materials, and student projects that demonstrate metacognitive awareness will be showcased.

Prumel Barbudo

Prumel Barbudo

Yokohama City University
I work at Yokohama City University and the current chapter president of West Tokyo JALT. I have an MA in English Education and extensive experience teaching in Japan and the Philippines for over 18 years in diverse contexts. My research interests include metacognition, technology-mediated reflective practice, ethnography in education, and interlanguage pragmatics.