Dawn Lucovich

The University of Nagano

Dawn Lucovich is President of The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) and an Assistant Professor at The University of Nagano (site of PanSIG 2022). Her research interests include assessment, discourse communities, linguistic landscapes, and leadership skill formation. She welcomes discussion and dialogue at president@jalt.org.


Leadership and Teams in Academic Service

This presentation will discuss features that are crucial to developing effective leadership and teams. First, the basic process of team-building will be briefly presented, including the establishment of cohesion, roles and norms, and motivation in teams. Second, best practices for communication and the importance of communication climate (Gibb, 1961) for virtual teams (Gibson & Gibbs, 2006) will be discussed. Finally, the presenter will share how mentoring and orientation initiatives can improve engagement for team leaders and members of all experience levels. The second half of the session will then open to discussion about challenges and issues experienced in leading and working in teams in Japan, particularly while online or hybrid. Participants are encouraged to bring their own experiences, techniques, and research to share and inform the discussion. This session will especially benefit leaders of chapters or SIGs, committee members, and other professional development, academic service, and nonprofit leaders (or those who are interested in becoming leaders), but could also be applied to workplace and classroom settings.

JALT Transformative Mentoring & Coaching

Sat, May 15, 09:00-10:00 JST

This session is for one-on-one mentoring and coaching. Relational mentoring (Ragins and Verbos, 2007) is characterized by reciprocity and mutual learning, where both participants influence one another, that are inherent in growth-producing relationships. Coaching is a comprehensive client-centered service that may involve many aspects of a client’s life, both personal and professional. Note: You must have previously signed up and received an orientation as a mentor/mentee or coach/coachee in order to participate in this session.